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Sam Wilson

the man behind the camera

Hi, I'm Sam! My path to photography was an interesting one.

My creative journey started as a songwriter/performer for almost 30 years. Being in front of the camera was a normal thing. After returning to college for a degree in Visual Communications, I took a basic photography class, and WHOA, everything changed.


I realized I had the opportunity to be creative on another level behind the camera. The more I learned about the process the more I fell in love with the art. I was blessed to learn and study under the incredible photography team of Jim Course & Joe Del Tufo at Moonloop Photography as well as my amazing partner in crime Meghan Newberry of Meghan Newberry Photography.


These days it’s such a blessing to share in clients’ happiest moments and be able to capture memories that will last a lifetime. I look forward to making your dreams a reality as photography has done with mine. 

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